OK. Here Goes.

Deep Breath…First post is the hardest post right? Let me pull the proverbial band-aid here by telling you a little about the blog.

The name Simply Messing About is part of  a quote from The Wind in the Willows that goes like this:

“There is nothing–absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”
– Kenneth Grahame, Ch 1

True isn’t it?

This book holds a place dear to my heart!

When I pulled my oldest son(We’ll call him J) from public school in 3rd grade he could barely read, had given up on himself and had no ambition towards anything academic. So I read to him. Everything and anything at whatever level.  Just because he was having a tough time reading didn’t mean he couldn’t comprehend beautiful books.

This book! Oh this book and its beautiful language and imagery! WITW opened up so much to him. J’s vocabulary blossomed. That hunger to learn returned.

It delighted him to no end. “May we read more Wind in the Willows today Mom?”

“Uh yeah! We can read Wind in the Willows today!”

He is now a 6th grade level and he still talks about this book. I’ll be reading WITW again  this year with his 3rd grade level brother (We’ll call him N). I’m sure he’ll be listening in.

A Lovely Book